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This is the story about how and why we created 10LevelUp.

Schwarz auf Weiß - der Bücherpodcast mit Fabi & Simon
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    We created the biggest german non-fiction book podcast

    Simon and Fabian here, we are the two guys on the left. We are friends since childhood and our podcast "Schwarz auf Weiß" became the biggest non-fiction book podcast in Germany.

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    Our audience growth stagnated

    In early 2023 the word-of-mouth growth of our podcast stagnated. Over the last 3 years we did create some social media content for the podcast, but unfortunately the content creation was too time consuming, so it never became a habit.

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    Growing audience with help of AI

    In order for our (and also your) Podcast and YouTube to grow, we decided to build 10LevelUp. This tool allows us to create over 30 different content pieces out of a ~1h podcast video. YouTube Shorts, LinkedIn Posts, Tweets (guess you call them X's now?), TikToks and Instagram Reels, everything is created automatically now.

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    Zero touch growth

    Where we previously spent 5-10 hours per week to create dedicated content for social media, we can now simply repurpose our long format content and automatically publish the best parts to our social media channels.

  • 10Levelup
  • #1 AI Video Clip Generator

  • 10LevelUp is a generative AI tool that cuts long videos into short clips to repurpose them for social media.

  • Engineered in Munich 🇩🇪

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